3D architecture software compatibility


Arduinna Silva Studio offers 3D models compatible with all 3D architecture software. We provide all types of models, materials and textures that you just have to import into your architecture software like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Revit,...

We realize 3D models in photogrammetry or modeling and we prepare files optimized in .fbx, which is the standard file for AutoDesk.

Enhance your architectural rendering using optimized 3D models and best-fit 3D models.

3D architecture software compatibility Some architectural firms compose their 3D scene from models found on online libraries.
They place the raw object in the scene without going through any phase of optimization of the 3D model, which can pose a lot of problems.

If you place 3D models with too many polygons, you make the stage unnecessarily heavy and therefore you must limit yourself to the number of objects on the stage.

Taking 3D objects on line libraries without going through an optimization phase can also make your scene unharmonious.

Arduinna Silva Studio offers you to highlight your architectural projects in a much more rewarding way by adapting the 3D models that you provide us to reintegrate them into your scene AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, ...

Objects in point clouds.

3D architecture software compatibility Other architects use point cloud objects to compose their scene.
A scatter plot object is the raw result you get when you use programs that generate 3D models from laser scans or photo sets.

The problem is that the rendering is very far from the reality and little rewarding in the end, and if the work of shooting or scanning that was done upstream is not optimal, you get an object at the quality rather mediocre , with rather rough contours, even with holes.

Which does not make your 3D architectural scene very aesthetic, professional and salesperson.

The solutions we bring you.

From your files AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, ... we propose to improve your scene from an aesthetic point of view, harmony and quality, thus allowing to put it better in value.

We correct the errors of each object and we adjust the textures to make them more realistic.

Full process management.

3D architecture software compatibility We also offer to support the complete realization of your 3D architectures.

Modeling of the 3D architectural project, creation and implementation of its environment, management of lights, 3D renderings, editing of the presentation video, ...