Video game Smithy's Odyssey


Arduinna Silva Studio invests all your video game platforms.

We are currently preparing our very first adventure game featuring a nice little mouse. His real name is Smithy, and he will have to face a lot of pitfalls, enigmas and antagonists to achieve his ends. You will need to help him evolve through different environments and universes in each of which the riddles and difficulties will vary.

What kind of video game ?

Smith'y Odyssey will be a side-scrolling game developed on Unreal Engine.

Regarding the realization of the universe and the sets, we put once again our expertise in photogrammetry to the test. Indeed, wanting to highlight the quality of our renderings, most of the objects and textures that you will find in the game are made using photogrammetry.

You will find yourself in a world as hostile as our world can be to a cute little mouse. Plunged into a state of permanent tension, your abilities of reflection, agility and discretion will be put to the test to allow Smithy to succeed in completing his quest.

Where are we?

Our teams work in parallel on the creation of environments, which we let you discover a first piece through these previews, on music and sound effects, on the management of physics and interactions that you may have with different elements.

You will soon discover Smithy, the hero of this epic, as well as all his antagonists who are still being modeled and animated.

The release.

We'll show you some insights into the video game as it progresses.

Nevertheless, if you wish to support us in our work and allow us to carry out this project, we count on your help via the Kickstarter that we will implement.

This crowdfunding will be of great help to us to finalize the game and achieve our goals in terms of design, sound effects, interfaces and game play.

In return, you will have access to a lot of things that we will detail as soon as we put the Kickstarter in place.

A website dedicated to Smithy's Odyssey is also in progress, you can follow all the news about the game.

In the meantime, follow our news on all our social networks (Facebook, Twitter et Linkedin) as news of the progress will be published very regularly.