Free 3D assets

2 free stones 3D asset

In order to let you realize the high quality of our 3D assets, we make one available to you for free.

See you now on CG Trader, Gumroad and Cubebrush !

Here are the characteristics of the asset and what we offer you:
- Rendering of textures provided in 2k / 4k / 8k: Color map, normal map, ambient occlusion, roughness, metallic, height, curvature
- Version of textures prepared for Unreal Engine: Color map, normal map, RMAO packed
- Textures version prepared for Unity: Color map, normal map, packed specular & smoothness
- Low poly asset with 5 LODs (50% reduction in the number of poly between each LOD)
- Low poly asset in Fbx & Obj format, quad & triangulated versions
- High Poly: 1 million poly