Renovation of the Saint-Jean Cloister

"La ville de Liège" has chosen Arduinna Silva Studio to carry out the 3D renovation project

Heritage Day, September 7th and 8th, 2019.

After several months of scanning and modeling work, Arduinna Silva Studio was at the open doors of the Saint-Jean Cloister alongside "La Ville de Liège" to present the renovation project to visitors through a video and a virtual tour .


In total, 15 quality public housing units will be created: 10 in the south and west wings of the cloister and 5 others in buildings 42 and 44 of Place Xavier Neujean.
Finally, the facades and roofs of the northern wing of the cloister, occupied by the community of Dominican friars, will also be restored.

Considered to be the most overlooked collegiate church in Liège, Saint-Jean l'Évangéliste is an exceptional heritage complex which contains treasures worthy of greatest interest: the Romanesque tower, a vestige of the collegiate church founded by Notger, one of the three carillons de concert de Liège as well as the cloister, a true haven of peace, one wing of which has vaults Gothic and a high relief dating from the XVth century.

The large Saint John redeployment project will revitalize the complex while respecting the history of its old stones. As for the cloister courtyard and the galleries, they will be converted into a space of high architectural and aesthetic quality, preserving the serenity of the place.


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