Vehicle presentations

Your vehicles highlighted in the best adapted environments

Be at the forefront in terms of Automotive Communication.

Arduinna Silva Studio offers you the very best in quality. We carry out all types of presentations so that your vehicles are highlighted. We take 3D shots in any type of environment, presentation videos, illustrations for brochures, virtual tours or configurators.


We present your vehicles from every angle, we take pictures of the vehicle in its entirety, in an environment that highlights it best, either in an HDRI or in a 3D environment.

But we also take pictures of the smallest parts of the vehicle in order to highlight each detail.

Virtual visit

Virtual reality makes it possible to visualize any vehicle as if it were in front of you. You will be able to observe the vehicle of your choice in great detail and interact with it.

Configurators in real time

Give yourself the opportunity to configure your vehicle at your convenience. The configurators that we are developing give you control over all parts of the vehicle and allow you to modify them as you wish, and to test all imaginable combinations.