New generation of 3D assets

We are paving the way for the next generation of 3D assets.

Thanks to our expertise and state-of-the-art tools, we offer you the possibility to rebuild your product in an ultra-realistic way.

This process, more commonly known as 3D scanning, can be applied to all domains, we reproduce absolutely everything from the smallest object to the largest environment.

Fields of application: video games, architectural visualization, cinema, ...


In the studio or outdoors.

Possibility to scan in the studio for objects of reasonable size or on site for outdoor environments.


High-poly and low-poly.

Scanned models adapted to your field of activity whether for rendering or real time.


Textures and materials production in 2k, 4k and 8k.

From scanned surfaces, we extract textures in high definition for renderings and real-time applications.

The entire photogrammetry process supports shooting at the delivery of the finished object

You want a finished product without going through a multitude of stakeholders for each stage of its realization? Thanks to the process we have put in place, we offer you our expertise to take charge of setting up and finalizing your 3D projects.

After a first contact that will define our mission, we will implement a workflow of the most adapted to your request.

The first step is shooting that will take place either in the studio or on site according to the specificities of the subject, whether it is an object of the smallest to a complete environment. Any element will be captured as much as its smallest details.

The images are then processed to obtain a reconstituted object in very high definition, which will then adapt it according to your needs, whether for use in a film, an application or a video game. Textures are optimized to be closer to reality.

Once the reconstitution process is complete, the object can either be provided as-is or move to a new processing step according to your expectations (Implementation of objects in Unreal Engine, lighting, compositing, development of features, game design, adaptation to all platforms, ...). Arduinna Silva is a completely autonomous studio and can take care of your entire development process.

Arduinna Silva Studio Photogrammetry process