3D Animation showreel

Short animation sequence for a demonstration

Abandonned place

This video aims to highlight our know-how in general and also to highlight the technologies that we used during its realization.

The scene takes place in a post apocalyptic period, in a place devastated by war and, as its name suggests, abandoned.
Our main character is looking for a place to take shelter and spend the night.

Presentation video of the character.

Full video clip.

Interview for the Making Of

Sébastien RESIER and Julien RAMAKERS take you behind the scenes of the production of the project.

To carry out this project, we discovered the technologies from Reallusion which allowed us to achieve the realistic result we were aiming for, but with an enormous saving of time.
Thanks to Character Creator 3, SkinGen and iClone7 we were able to model and animate our character in a very short period of time.


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